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Laco2 is the nickname of Gianfranco La Cognata, an Italian architect living and working in Barcelona since 1996. 

In 2002 he created his own office dedicated to projects of different types and scales.

Simultaneously he devoted himself to artwork for some graphic design firms, but especially for himself, just for pure and simple passion. Since 2018 his passion for art acquired more and more importance and protagonism in his life until it became a profession. He's also the author of a humorous illustrated autobiographical story, entitled "Chupar banquillo es bueno para la salud", published by the Grupolitworld editorial.


In Il Barone rampante, by Italo Calvino, Cosimo, the protagonist, after a fight with his father, decides to climb up the trees and promises not to put his feet back down on the ground again. There he discovers that the world seen from that perspective is much more understandable and interesting, so he keeps his promise and spends his whole life among the branches.

As architects, we don't climb branches to start up a project, but when we draw a floor plan we are constantly looking from above, we zoom out to have a vision of the whole and we zoom in to notice the smallest details.


We have assumed and practiced this daily exercise in such a way that it becomes a modus vivendi that we follow in any action of our life. Hence, at the time of drawing it helps me to control the scale and proportion of my strokes.


Gianfranco La Cognata